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Lesson Plan: Parts of a Plant 

Teaching to students in first grade. 

First I will draw a plant (with all of its parts, unlabeled) in front of the class and ask the students what is the image I drew. When they answer plants, I will ask them questions about some plants they have seen or if there are any plants at home. I will then ask them if they are able to label the different parts of the plants and if they can label it themselves. After that discussion I will correctly label the parts of the plant one by one while also explaining what their role is in keeping the plant alive and growing. There will also be some time to discuss what plants need to survive and grow. 

I will then pass out some supplies: construction paper, scissors, crayons and color pencils, glue, and some fake flowers for the students. They will be seated in groups at their tables as they construct their own plant. They will create and draw out a plant with all of its parts and correctly label the parts of the plant. This is where they can get creative and even create a one of a kind plant with a creative name. 

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      This is interesting.

      One suggestion I have is to start with either a variety of plants and/or pictures of a variety of plants. You could then tell the students that plants are like people, in that they have parts and that their parts have specific jobs. You could then have to really look at the plants or the pictures in order to identify the parts and speculate on what they do. Then, you could teach them some of the common parts and their function, then have the students create a plant of their own.

      Does this sequence make sense to you?

      Angelica Iris Ortiz

      Angelica Iris Ortiz

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