Lesson: What colors are in a rainbow?

Topic: Rainbows

Class: 4th grade


Lesson: 40 Minutes



-Picture Book “What Makes a Rainbow?” by Betty Schwartz

-Rainbow worksheets



Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of what colors make up a rainbow.


Lesson Summary:

This lesson could be used as an introduction lesson plan for a unit on rainbows/weather. Rainbows are a part of nature, and it’s informative for the students to know the colors that make up a rainbow. A follow up lesson could teach the students how they are formed.

The picture book, “What Makes a Rainbow?” by Betty Schwartz, will be a read aloud by the teacher, with some pausing for turn and talks for the students. At the end of the book the students will demonstrate their ability to that they know the colors that make up a rainbow through the follow up activity. Students will work with partners to color in the worksheet. The worksheet will have a template of a rainbow, with 7 slots. The worksheets will be used as an assessment by the teacher to check their understanding of the text.

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      This seems like an interesting lesson idea. And I like that you are connecting the lesson to a book.

      I am unfamiliar with the book and wonder if it talks about the refraction of light or other related science concepts.

      Can you help me understand that?

      • Rachel Scarano
        Rachel Scarano

        I just realized this looks like a 1st or 2nd grade lesson. This book I choose is more so about the colors of the rainbow, I think I'm going to swap it out for a more "sciency" approach that is more suitable for the 4th grade.

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