lesson plan - Classwork for 10/31

Mikaela Fernandes-Dix

Topic: Metamorphosis - life cycle

Grade: 3rd grade students

Time: 45 Minutes

Materials: Diagrams, Construction paper, pencils, colored pencils, YouTube videos, and whiteboard


  1. As students the question “How do butterflies become butterflies?” and right down some of the answers that the students are coming up with.
  2. Show the class a YouTube video on the stages of life a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly while also showing the class a hand drawn butterfly life cycle on the board for them to refer back to.
  3. The class will then talk about the different stages and the teacher will makes a comparison to themselves going through similar but different stages of life. The teacher’s diagram will still be in a circular shape starting off with being a baby and ending at death, the life cycle of a human in comparison to a butterfly.
  4. The teacher will then explain to the students that they are going to go back to their desks and draw their own life cycle of a anything that they want. To draw the different stages that happened throughout the YouTube video and diagram for them to refer back to.
  5. When they are done with their diagrams, they can hand in to me so then we can start the next activity that the class is going to do that day.


  • The diagram resembles a circle like that was shown on the board. (A life cycle chart)
  • The different stages on what living thing they chose to draw the diagram on.
  • The diagram is well illustrated and shows the student understood what happened in the YouTube video and diagram that was shown in the beginning of the lesson.
    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      This is a solid lesson idea.

      I have a question about assessment. It looks like you are asking the children to copy what the teacher has done. How will you know that they understand it?

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