Science Lesson: 1st Grade

Topic: Frog Life Cycle ( What am I teaching?)

Time: < 30 minutes

Age Group: 6-7 (Who am I teaching?)

Objective: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to identify what occurs during each stage of a frog’s life cycle. 

Assessment: Students will create a small book of the frog’s life cycle. (How will I know if the student understands?)

Materials: “From Tadpole to Frog” by Wendy Pfeffer, Green paper, white paper, glue, colored pencils, pencils, Index cards

Procedure:  ( How will I teach it? )

  • Pre-Lesson Discussion

Students will gather around the rug, and will be asked the following questions

- What animals lay eggs?

- Do humans lay eggs?

Students will be presented with the following information

- Just like how people start as babies, become children, then teenagers, and grow into adults, Frogs start as eggs, become tadpoles, then pollywogs, and grow into frogs. 

  • Shared Reading

Students will participate in shared reading using “From Tadpole to Frog”. 

Students will share any thoughts or comments on the book.

  • Assessment Activitity

Students will create a book including the following

- A cover with an illustration they find appropriate for their book

- A page on each stage of a frog’s life cycle

- An illustration of that stage

- A few sentences describing what takes place during each stage.



    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      This is a really interesting idea.

      I don't know the book, but imagine you do and that it's a good fit.

      My only question is about whether this is too much to do in one lesson.

      What do you think?

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