Article Responses

Article 1: Where did the leaves go? Investigating decomposition through an inquiry-based project. This article focused on explaining this lesson in great detail about the subject matter that was presented to the students. The topic is decomposition which allowed the students to engage in a very interactive and hands on with the children. This in turn gives them the opportunity then to take the learning into their own hands. The conclusion of the article states, "It specifically asks students to engage in active learning through testable questions, collection of data, and drawing conclusions based on evidence." In my opinion this is a great way of learning and a great example of an inquiry based project, so I agree with 

Article 2: What Kindergarten Students Learn in Inquiry-Based Science Classrooms. This article is based on a study that was conducted to "examine how participation in an inquiry-based science program impacts kindergarten students’ science learning and motivation." They studied the kindergarteners and found out through six dimensions they used to assess the children and the results were very interesting. I disagree with how the study was conducted but I do agree with the results.