Working with Python Trinkets

Trinkets are interactive segments of code that are useful as a teaching and learning tool.. They work as live, interactive segments of code, which are embeddable on web pages. 

I have been doing some work lately with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys in White Plains to teach them coding. We have been so far focused on graphical programming languages, like Turtle Blocks and Scratch.

The boys have been doing very well, and so I felt it was time for them to try out some text based coding. I have some experience with teaching with Python and so decided on that language. I discovered Trinkets and wanted to give them a try.

The Trinkets are organized in a series of challenges of increasing complexity. The learner can start by just playing with existing chunks of code, changing shapes, colors, and numbers of objects. The changes happen in real time, which is a useful way to get immediate feedback on the "experiments" as well as to preclude needing any additional software or set up.

I used the tool for the first time with these students. Some of them really go into the coding piece and showed real talent and interest. Here are some examples of their work. 










Once you go to their web pages, hit "Run" to see what the code does. Then, feel free to play around and remix it yourself.

    • Tamren Estevez
      Tamren Estevez

      Really excited to try this out!

      • Sara Herbrand
        Sara Herbrand

        Trinkets looks like a great way to start learning python!!! I definitely want to remember this one to check out some time when I have free time!

        • Melissa Meireles
          Melissa Meireles

          Trinkets looks like a lot of fun! I especially liked Frank!

          • Gerald Ardito
            Gerald Ardito

            Hello all and thanks for your comments.

            I found Trinkets through pure chance. But I really liked how they start with pre-written code and "teach" through allowing learners to start messing with existing code and seeing what happens. This seems like a strategy Papert would endorse.

            I am also impressed with the ease of sharing your Trinkets. This is a very nice feature.

            If you end up trying it out at all, please share with us.

            • Gina Raus
              Gina Raus

              This is AWESOME! Looks like I have another program to try out with my "math club"!

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