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    Dira Cumberbatch
    By Dira Cumberbatch

    What I found very interesting about this week readings is that there is a literacy deficiency in students. Biancarosa makes a very interesting point when she states that in order for students to be successful learners, they must master complex texts by understanding the diverse literacy demands of the difference content areas and navigate digital reading. This became obvious to me second semester of my first year of teaching. I saw this hands, students struggled with vocabulary and therefore that determined how well they understood what was being asked of them in questions and what they were reading. As an educator I try to let all my students know that  secondary education is much more different than primary education and college becomes even harder when the foundation is not built strong enough in High school.


    The article also talks about the types of ways to teach literacy. According to Fang there are four distinct approaches in teaching literacy: cognitive, sociocultural, linguistic, and critical approach in which each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Fang argues that all approaches should be used because each approach offers the student with something different they will need.


    Eppley talks about the “ traps” of Common Core literacy standards. To me what was most important is we encourage students to read out of context, which is very different from their basic knowledge. Having the pressure of covering all the learning standards in your lesson plans does not allow teachers to take time and give students the focus of literature they need before entering college. I struggled in college a lot English is my second language and attending public school K-8 my foundation was poor, I believe if my parents weren't able to make me attend a private High School I would have been lost in the system because I barely learned anything in middle school. Our system is broken and we are losing many children and young adults to the streets because of this.


    In order to make a difference the system needs to stop worrying about teaching to the test and preparing students only to cram material for the regent’s exam that in my opinion is a strategic way to monitor teacher performance by the system. The exams do nothing in preparing our future leaders for college or the real world. We are expecting 10th grade teachers to differentiate lessons for students with 5th grade reading levels and make them pass a regent’s exam that uses extensive vocabulary for my population of students. Instead the system should allow the teacher total literacy freedom and curriculum control to focus of skills that will get the scholars in his/her classroom reading more complex text to better prepare them when they enter college. This will give our students a better fighting chance to attend a four year university when things get harder as semesters turn into years. But because our students are not well prepared a lot of minority students In particular  struggle their first year of college and drop out causing this never ending cycle that the education system needs to try and fix. Especially if equity is their new theme. 

    ED 656 - Fall 2018

    ED 656 - Fall 2018

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