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    Cindy Raoul
    By Cindy Raoul

    Key Themes

    The key theme in the article found in the Biancarosa article focused on students making the transition from to higher level literacy and a student goes up grade levels. Biancarosa mentions three levels:

    1)mastering increasingly difficult text

    2) reading digital content

    3)understanding the distinctions among reading in different content areas,


    The key theme in the Eppley article focused on the 7 traps of common core standards from a sociological mindset. This article focuses on the challenges that teachers have due to having as standardized curriculum in the classroom.



    In the article by Fang, the key focus was on the different approaches used in the development of content area literacy. Fang notes that each approach provides an opportunity for teachers to differentiate instruction based on the classroom environment. The four approaches that are mentioned is:

    1. Cognitive
    2. sociocultural
    3. linguistic
    4. critical

    What surprised me??

    Being that I am a special education teacher with a class setting of 12:1:4, I found it surprising that there was no real focus on how to implement some of these literacy concepts in special education. As a special ed teacher, I find it difficult to implement the common core standards to bridge the gaps for my students. The standards as a whole are difficult to implement for general ed students as not all students learn the same.

    What I plan on implementing in my classroom

    The different approaches in the area of literacy interested me the most as I teach ELA. My students all have different ways of learning and I try to make the books we read to appealing so it catches their attention. I realized that I have already been implanting some of these approaches already and I need to fine tune to make literacy in my room assessable to all.

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    ED 656 - Fall 2018

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