The Evolution of Literacy

    Minh Pham
    By Minh Pham

    What were the key themes in this set of article?

    The articles tackled the issue of the challenges of approaching the evolving literacy "standards" throughout a student's academic career. The relevance and the demand of literacy constantly change and increase at an exponential rate. A huge inhibitor is the cemented demands of common core standards. It does allow us as educators to follow the evolution of literacy. We end of using the same practices while the expectations of literacy zips on by.

    What impressed you, surprised you, and/or challenged you?

    The most common approach shared by the articles is to have some form of engagement for students in the readings. A classroom needs to have the highest quality literature in a variety of genre. Diversity and intensity.

    What are you taking away from these readings (if anything) for your own teaching practice?

    If anything, I've learned that no matter the subject, every single class is a literacy based class. Literacy demands exist in every class and needs to be honed in every class. I need to implement more narratives in my class. The Disappearing Spoon and I Contain Multitudes are great books I can use in my science classes.

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