Pushed to love to read

    Cindy Raoul

    I growing up never use to like to read. I was an A student but really struggled when it came to my reading level all because I refused to read. I didn't have any issues reading, I just didn't want to do it. Then it came down to taking state test and I found out in elementary school that I was way below reading level. My teacher recommended a program called Accelerated Reader. It was a program that you have to read a book and then take a test for reading comprehension. 

    The first couple books I read, it was not really reading the books because I was not passing the test. I started to really challenge my self to read the books so that I can pass all the questions. Soon, I became the top reader in the class because of all the points I had accumulated from passing all the test. This now helped bring out my need to read bigger and better books. I bigger the book the faster I would read it and understand everything I read. 

    I tend to lean towards fiction based books as I have a wild imagination and those books thrill me. even with the production made to help you have easier access to read such as kindle; there is nothing better than having a book in your hand curled up on the couch.

    ED 656 - Fall 2018

    ED 656 - Fall 2018

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