Final Reports, all in one place (mostly)

Here is a set of links to all of your final reports.

Take a look and allow yourself to be inspired by the work of your colleagues. I sure am.

First Name Last Name School Email Title Final Report Link
Allison Banks Pace HS Tracking the Quality of Student Writing According to a Common Core Rubric
Jonathan Barone Peekskill Examining Reading/Writing Strategies in Science Classes to Help Part 2 Regents Exam Performance
Andrea Bromberg Farragut Middle School The Protégé Effect
Romina Caceres-Cosme Peekskill Using Text/Question Annotation as a Means to Choosing the Correcct Answer in LE Regents Exam
Dan Colosimo 723X Bronx Utilizing Student Autonomy in Cooperative Learning
Theresa Connelly MPB How does accountable talk improve student use of evidence in writing?
Arben Cukaj Peekskill Shared with Jonathan
Mike Devlin Yonkers Scholastic Academy The Effects of Group Accountability on Constructivist Tendencies
Katherine Donahue SHHS Say Something with Purpose!
Rich Flacinski Peekskill
Anastasia Katechis Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy The Bonds Between Us
Delilah Kearney Peekskill Shared with Romina
Joyce Kong MHS Exhibition Ambassadors: Students Teaching Students Research
Angela Langston SHHS Contemporary Photography as a Catalyst for Inquiry into Cultural Awareness and Art Creation
Pam Phila Lee MHS Purposeful Peer Feedback
Ashley Linda Haldane High School Real Writers Edit and Revise
Raquel Mazo Infante MHS Unison Reading applied in the FL classroom to improve reading comprehension skills and deepen critical thinking
Sarah McLauhglin SHHS Annotation and Peer Feedback to Improve Comprehension
Irene Moon Pace HS How does exposing students to Algebra I Common Core Regents Exam constructed-response collaborative scoring activities enhance their quality of Algebra I constructed-response?

Mary Musolino Convent of the Sacred Heart Empowering Students to do Long-term, Meaningful Scientific Research
Janel O'Brien-Greene Lincoln Hall Framing a question that connects about the modern world and how it developed or is connected to past/historical events.
Michelle Obenauer Peekskill Shared with Jonathan
Joshua Paris Pace HS How does Quizlet affect vocabulary acquisition and retention for Lowest third students?
Anita Prentice Peekskill High School Connections Between Me and My Town
Carmen Reyes MHS Shared with Joyce
Sabrina Robin Pace HS Increasing Student Literacy through Model Building of Words: Using Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, suffixes and stems found in science and non-science academic English words
Ralph Rodriguez Peekskill Shared with Rich
Lisa Ryan MPB Shared with Theresa
Nadiesta Sanchez MPB Beyond the Hands-on Lab in Science: Infusing Labs with Inquiry
Kristina Sarr SHHS Shared with Katherine
Sooa Shim UD Team Charter School How does Incorporating students’ interests into the content activity develop students as inquirers?
Aaron Silverman MHS Measuring Student Growth 'One-Pager' At A Time
Iris Tamayo Pace HS None provided
Katerina Toulatos MHS Shared with Joyce
Brianna Walter MPB Developing a Stronger Use of Textual Evidence in Discussions Using Annotations
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