Student Motivation 2


A key strategy of classroom management mentioned by the text is that misbehaviors can be avoided by the pacing and structuring of the lessons.  The level of difficulty of the work must be appropriate for the students to be mentally engaged in the lesson. Students who find the activity too easy and  are not adequately challenged by the lesson will zone out and may begin to misbehave and students who are struggling because the lesson is too difficult will also zone out and misbehave.

The teacher must understand her students and be able to figure out there level of understanding so that she can adequately prepare for each lesson.  I have two class sections that is a mixed combination of students. The class are a mix of different grade level students that have taken the course before and were not successful in the course or on the regents exam as well as students who are taking the course for the first time.  I also have language learners in the mix as well. It has been challenging to craft lessons that can meet all there needs. What I have done is to make worksheets that emphasize vocabulary and are very visual to help my language learners.

Also as I come to regents review I am utilizing activity stations in my lessons so that students can get up and move around, interact with their classmates and the materials more.  As they are working more independently I try to talk less and if they call me over to the station for help I prompt them to ask their group members first. As this is my first experience with this I have to keep my eye on the flow of the lesson and watch for misbehaviors.  So far it has been going well.