Welcome to Pace Commons, Dear Inquirers

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Welcome to Pace Commons. Pace Commons is a social learning platform designed to support the kind of active learning we have been working on in this program.

We have set up a group on Pace Commons for us to  to connect with one another, share resources,and to upload our final inquiry plans. You can find our group here. Please be sure to bookmark this link for convenience.

Here's how to get started with Pace Commons:

1. Login to Pace Commons. You should have received your login credentials via email or via your group coordinator. If not, contact Gerald Ardito (at gardito@pace.edu).

2. Explore Pace Commons. Here are some links to brief tutorials to help you work in Pace Commons.

3. Inquire. Connect. Have fun

Pace Inquiry Learning Collaborative 2017-2018

Pace Inquiry Learning Collaborative 2017-2018

The online home for the 2017-2018 TLQP Project

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