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When starting the “Code is Beautiful” project, I did have to do some research beyond the tutorial provided. I found a Twine guide that had explanations and videos that I found to be extremely helpful. Once I figured out how to use Twine in general, the hardest part for me was coming up with an adventure story. I found it interesting that the HTML coding course I took helped me complete this project, as that was one of my most challenging classes. The tutorial I used reminded me to save and create organized folders, which is an important strategy while coding with images, videos, etc. One issue I ran into was understanding conditional statements. I realized I needed these once I tried to play my game and kept running into dead ends. After watching a few videos, I developed an understanding of conditionals, but I think my particular game had too many passages already linked to be able to include them logically. This is something I would like to further explore, perhaps even with my students, as I attempt to use this in my classroom in the near future. I did edit the formatting so it wasn't so dark and it was easier to read. I also figured out how to change the height and width of the small photos in each passage, but it messed with the resolution so I ended up keeping the smaller default size from when I saved each image. I included an embedded YouTube video of Madonna singing from the balcony of Casa Rosada. Hopefully you’ll make the right choices on the tour path to be able to view this! (Hint: Select Plaza de Mayo, then Casa Rosada)

Overall, I was finding it very difficult to tap into my imagination while relating the content to the language classroom. I finally came up with the idea to focus on Hispanic culture. Each chapter I teach has a different country of focus, but for this project I chose Argentina because I studied and lived there. Creating this game brought back great memories and made the Twine program even more enjoyable to work with. My students sometimes struggle at retaining the cultural information we cover, so I think trying this as a teaching method might be a fun and effective change. As opposed to me creating these games for my students, I could also have my language students create one for each country as part of project-based learning throughout the year. The best part is that they can create their stories in the target language – Spanish! This will definitely help extend their vocabulary while improving their grammar skills. Additional benefits include providing support for visual learners, and giving students a better understanding of where some popular sites are located in each country. There are so many sites I wanted to include for Argentina, which made it difficult to decide on the most important while still maintaining some type of logical organization. In the end, I chose not to include any of the museums because there were too many good ones. There are really many directions I can take this project which makes it a great learning experience for all. I personally have an interesting perspective on learning languages as both a student and teacher. I studied Spanish as a second language so I have a solid understanding of the struggles my students face in the classroom and the frustrations they often endure as a result. Coding is also a language, so teaching and/or learning the basics first will provide a good foundation for developing more sophisticated skills down the road, just like with Spanish.

    • Jeff Magliola
      Jeff Magliola

      Hey Dana, this is really nice looking and I like your design! Any chance you could post what it looks like in the twine viewer ?? 

      • Dana Paniagua
        Dana Paniagua

        Hi Jeff,

        Thanks! I uploaded the image of all the twine passages directly onto It should be right there on the download page (upper right-hand). You should also be able to click on the image to enlarge it. Let me know if that works for you.

        • Jeff Magliola
          Jeff Magliola

          Ah there it is!! Wow! :) Thank you! 

          • Alicia Gallagher
            Alicia Gallagher

            Awesome work Dana! 

            • Nancy Tavarez
              Nancy Tavarez


              This is so cool!! I definitely would have loved this as a way to "get out of the classroom"! 

              Nice work.

              • Michael Giordano
                Michael Giordano

                Hi Dana, 

                This is fantastic! I am sure students would love working on an activity like this. I wonder how I can incorporate a lesson like this into my class.

                • Gerald Ardito
                  Gerald Ardito


                  I agree with the others. Making the layout lighter than Twine's default dark is a great choice. And I can see how your students would love this and perhaps love to do this themselves.

                  This is just terrific work.

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