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Twine was a brand new language for me to learn and I struggled with it a lot. It took me a few days of simply reading through the tutorials and watching YouTube videos to understand how to even start working with this language. From the point of view of a language learner, I could now imagine now hard it is for ENL students to learn a new language. It is frustrating and takes a lot of practice in order to learn a new language. As with most other projects, I wasn't able to jump in right away. I had to first research the language and then practice it before being able to create a story. This is what language learners also have to do, so it was interesting to take on that role. Coding is a universal language, so it was interesting to take on the role of a person learning a new language. 

Once I understood the basics of the language, I first thought of a story which was easy for me to do. Linking the passages together was not that hard for me to figure out. My next challenge was figuring out how to insert multimedia into the story. After some research, I found out that Twine using the same language as html. Therefore, I remembered how I added an image to my website in a coding class I took last semester and used the same code. This worked and I was able to insert many images and a gif in order to make the story more engaging. I also added in making some of the text bold. My next and greatest challenge was to figure out how to include if, else statements. I was researching how to do it and finally after watching many Youtube videos I was able to insert an if, else statement into my project. This was a great accomplishment for me and I felt proud of myself after! Overall, as a language learner, this language was definitely challenging to learn, but I am thankful for the opportunity I've had to learn it. It would be interesting to integrate Twine into a tech class and see what students' thoughts are on the language!

I hope you enjoy my story about the princess and the dragon! 

    • Nancy Tavarez
      Nancy Tavarez

      Hey Maria, 

      Im so glad to see the finished product of the game after we worked together on both of ours! It looks great and came together well! Nice work.

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    Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

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