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Twine- 2 doors 

2 doors

Twine at first was difficult to understand because I have never used it before. After doing some research with youtube and the tutorial I realized it was not as difficult as I thought. Twine uses html coding language and is a great story telling tool that incorporates coding and sequencing essential pieces of being a programmer. The twines that I researched for examples were very complex and were virtual reality stories. I hope to one day be a programmer similar to those. But since there was limited time my twine showed the basics of twine. I will be using twine in my classroom and be mentioning its resource to other teachers. Twine is not just for technology but for all subjects. The best way to use technology is across the board in all classes and showing students the benefits of using it. 

Twine was difficult for me because it was a new form of language similar to many students I have who are new to the English Language. I used classmates and other resources to help enhance my skills just like an ENL learner who may be paired with a student who speaks both English and Spanish. Teachers use different resources and aids to help students adjust and learn a new language. ENL learners do not fail a lot of the times because they do not know the content but because they do not know the language. Teachers use Spanish language tests to determine if it is a comprehension or the language barrier. Overall with the right tools in place anyone can succeed. Thank you for introducing this great resource to us. 

    • Amanda Tsaktsirlis
      Amanda Tsaktsirlis

      Paul, first, when I downloaded the link to your game, nothing came up. I'm not sure if something is wrong on my end or yours, but just giving you a heads up! On the other hand, something that stuck out to me in your summary was the fact that you pointed out how twine could not only be used for technology but all subjects as well. This allows students to become familiar with the program if students haven't used it before. Lastly, I liked how you incorporated classmates to further your learning of the program, an idea that an ENL learner would do as well.  

      • Susan Granata
        Susan Granata

        Amanda - try a different browser - it didn't come up in chrome for me, but worked in safari...


        I love your connections from Twine to ENL students. The past two years has seen a large uptick in the number of ENL students in my school, many of them from the middle east. They are such smart students and I hate to see their frustration when they cannot understand and do their work because of language. I think one of the greatest benefits of any education technology is the ability to even the playing field and lower these barriers.


        • Maria Minafra
          Maria Minafra

          Hi Paul- I thought your game was very interesting and mysterious. I too agree that Twine was difficult ot understand and I like your connections between Twine and ENL students. 

          • Amanda Tsaktsirlis
            Amanda Tsaktsirlis

            Susan, thanks for the tip but unfortunately I was working in safari. I did however try chrome and that did work! 

            • Gerald Ardito
              Gerald Ardito


              I really liked the connections you made to your own learning of html/Twine and that of your ELL (and maybe other students)

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