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    • Siobhan Wilmot-Dunbar
      Siobhan Wilmot-Dunbar

      Hey Dana, 

      I enjoyed reading through your final project portfolio. Amazing job indeed! I think the way you organized all of your information into this single document was concise and well thought out--a great overview into your more in-depth exploration. Likewise with your screencast, I think it gave a great overview of your project's scope, as well as details about the data you collected. I'll repeat the comment I made on your previous project posting--love the graphs you created! Very easy to follow and gives great insight to your focus questions. I've learned a lot from your project. 

      Thanks for sharing this. It's been a pleasure working with you throughout this semester! 

      • Gerald Ardito
        Gerald Ardito


        I really enjoyed reviewing your final project and reflection.

        Clearly, dog ownership data is very meaningful to you (it is to me as I am a dog owner as well).

        I continue to be impressed by your persistence and dedication. I know that learning R was challenging for you. And yet, I never saw you give up. 

        I look forward to see how you end up incorporating these skills and principles into your teaching.

        Thanks for a great semester.

      Quantitative Literature Analysis Spring 2018

      Quantitative Literature Analysis Spring 2018

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