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Overall this experience was outside my comfort level because I wouldn't normally create a game as such. With that said, I enjoyed being placed outside of my comfort zone and exploring all that Twine had to offer. Twine was fun and easy to work with. The tutorial was extremely helpful and set me on the right path. I think the hardest part that I had with this project was thinking of a story. Also, I had trouble embedding images and videos. As far as the point of view of a language learner is concerned, I am sure that they must be placed outside of their comfort level more often than not. Personally, I am not familiar with this coding language and now understand how language learners might feel. For a language learner, every little component to school must be new to he or she. In particular, a few things may get looked over because it's our norm. Everything being new requires you to start your learning from scratch. Working through the tutorial helped learn about the different components and tricks to the game. The example helped play the game and ultimately see a glimpse as to how our game will look. Working with the tutorial, and our own game helped us out throughout the way. All in all, with the use of help, I was able to create my own game of which I had no prior knowledge. I am grateful that this course has broadened my horizon with all of these new experiences. Below is the link to my game. I hope you all have as much fun playing it as I did creating it.

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      I loved your game. I particularly enjoyed the sense of fun and whimsy you added.

      I also appreciate your responses to learning (and trying to learn) this new language.

    Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

    Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

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