Lesson plan


Start of Revolutionary War

Battle of Bunker Hill

Battle of Fort Ticonderoga 

Declaration of Independence

Valley Forge

Story to Tell: 

These lesson are meant to show the ups and downs of the battle for freedom during the War. It will examine major parts of the war whether it's a battle or a piece of legislation or just hard times during the war.

Building Blocks:

I will make sure that I know the material so I am able to teach it

There will be plenty of group activities so the students may learn from each other

I will have mock debates to give students a feeling of what it was like back then

I need to be able to adapt if the students need more prior knowledge to understand the lesson

Have time for individual research with laptops

 try to make this a good story so they can remember it better.

    • Taylor Bolger
      Taylor Bolger

      Hey Duffy!

      While I like the fact that you detailed which tools you would use and what the tools would do for the students I think you and your lesson structure could really benefit from stating specifically in which lessons these tools would appear to give us a better idea of when they'd be used in reference to the rest of the lessons.

      • Brianna Iliceto
        Brianna Iliceto

        I really like the story that you will convey as you teach these lessons!!

        It is really great that you mentioned that a goal of yours is to know the material prior to teaching that. It is not always about the students... the teach has to know the material as well in order to teach it. 

        I feel like history is one of the easiest subjects to assign group projects with since their is so much information and room for debates. Debates are great and thats awesome that you mentioned that you want to hold those with your class. 

        • Robert Goldberg
          Robert Goldberg

          Cześć Duffy!!,

          I think the ideas are solid but the details are lacking overall. I also like how you plan to cover many parts of the war and I think the section on hard times during the conflict would be quite interesting as that not talked about to much, at least in my prior history classes and textbooks.

          • Jamie Soldinger
            Jamie Soldinger

            I really enjoy the lesson you tell throughout these lessons.  I think the way you present them are going to be very helpful for the students to see the actual struggles that occurred.  I also like your concept of mock debates.  I think debates are always fun and useful.  I also like how you wrote about being able to adapt.  I think that is always a tool teachers need to have.  You never know what you're actually going to finish covering in the classroom and will most likely have to readjust your plans. 

            • Nicholas Neuner
              Nicholas Neuner

              As an outline for a lesson plan, I think that you really addressed all the major subjects of the lesson plan. I think that you know what you expect of your plan and of the students, your process and the importance of all this. I think that you could go into further detail for each lesson, creating a lesson based tool box and achievements/outcomes/intent.

              • Olivia Difusco
                Olivia Difusco

                Hey Duffy,

                 I truly believe you have a good understanding of how you'd like to teach the lessons. However, like others have said, try to plan each lesson with its specific "tool kit" tool/s. For example, you use the idea of having your students have a debate, what exactly will these debates be on? Another example would be, what type of group activities would you do and what type of individual research work? You're on the right track !

                • Courtney Pabst
                  Courtney Pabst


                  Although I agree with Olivia that the lessons should utilize specific tools from the list we created in class, I do like how it seems as though you'd be able to make use of each of these in any of your lessons! I also really enjoy the idea of having debates, because it will really let your students voices be heard, and get them entirely engaged in your lessons.

                  • Christina Katechis
                    Christina Katechis

                    Hey Duffle-Berry,

                    I think this is a great start. I would suggest taking this to the next level, so that students and others who are not teaching the subject can follow. It is clear that you know what you want to teach, and I'm sure your students will be engaged, but again, break the lessons down and explain how you will go about each one. 

                    Group activities and mock trials are a great way of engaging students and having them practice what they've acquired. 

                    Nice start! 

                    • Jaclyn Dellisanti
                      Jaclyn Dellisanti


                      I think this is a good start but you should go further into detail. Do you plan on teaching each lesson the same way or incorporating many different tools from the tool box? It is a good point to be adaptable, teach based on their abilities. If you go into a little more detail, I think it will make the lessons stronger and more clear.

                      • Bianca Stewart
                        Bianca Stewart


                        I like your ideas, I think you can definitely expand on them and include more details and specify where and when you'd use these tools in the lessons. Also how will you know your students are understanding the material? Will you have quizzes ore exams? This material is genuinely difficult to understand for some students.

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