• Robert Goldberg
      Robert Goldberg

      I liked your intent section for lesson 2, especially the last part about paring things up. It would be interesting to see how the kids interpret things differently from each other. Regarding your tools section for lesson two though I wonder if it would be difficult to hold open discussion on the topic while starting out as a lecture in one day. For lesson three would the examples from lesson two be an example of the frame work needed for students to do what is asked in the tools section? I assume so but if not you might want to just give a few examples.

      • Brianna Iliceto
        Brianna Iliceto

        I really like how you described your intent for every lesson and went into detail with that. I also really like how you plan to have a Q&A session. That opens up a door for students and will make them feel more comfortable in asking you any questions that they may have for the rest of the year. I also like how you will incorporate a student led workshop because that gives them independence to begin writing and if they have any questions along the way they will be able to ask. 

        I also think the idea of allowing students to create an outline is essential. 

        • Courtney Pabst
          Courtney Pabst


          I found it extremely helpful that you didn't only tell us what tools you'd be using to teach your students a lesson, but why they need to know it, and how you'll know that they understand it. I also really enjoyed your lesson of the idea generator. This will give you insight to what your students grasp when it comes to something as important as the theme when reading a novel. Overall, nice job on these lesson plans!

          • Olivia Difusco
            Olivia Difusco

            Hi Nick, 

             I really like the way you have laid out the lesson plan. I find it insightful, as well as interesting, that you explained the intent and the importance of each of your lessons. In addition to that, I enjoyed reading your descriptions of the tools you'd be incorporating into your lessons. I'd say to become more detailed in your editing of this plan. I also like how you are having the class do an outline instead of a full out essay. I think that'll benefit the students in the long run. 

            • Bianca Stewart
              Bianca Stewart

              Hi Nick,

              I like how in depth you went with each lesson and stated your intent so there's clarification on the content and what you are looking for. I also really like that you're utilizing personal narratives and giving students time to construct a well written narrative and that helps them learn more about themselves. Lastly i really like your idea generator lesson because that is challenging the students to think outside the box. Your lessons personally were well thought out.

              • Christina Katechis
                Christina Katechis

                I respect that you take into consideration student understanding of the content and your willingness to alter the way you go about it accordingly. Your lessons are well thought out and cumulative. You seem to value student feedback, and  I think that will help  keep class interesting for you and the students. Implementing group work is great. I like the idea of the pass/fail assignment because it shows students that assignments aren't just about grades, they actually help you build knowledge that is useful.

                • Duffy Brennan
                  Duffy Brennan

                  I like the way that you outlined what you wanted to be accomplished for the lesson because it provided a goal for you and the students. I think that this will really keep them involved which I think is very important for a subject like English where communication is key.

                  • Taylor Bolger
                    Taylor Bolger

                    Hey Nick!

                    After looking over your lessons I really can't say there's anything that stands out to me being in need of change, everything seems very organized and there's a consistent flow of steps seemingly assigned to each lesson that students should/will be able to follow.

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