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    • Taylor Bolger
      Taylor Bolger

      Hey Jamie,

      I really love how organized your five lessons are. Not only did you list the lessons themselves but you gave specific details of their relevance to the overarching theme and which tools would be used from the list we assembled in class. Honestly if we get a chance to revise our work I might end up adopting your organization style because looking at my own work now I want it to be as clear as yours is. I also wanted to point out that I really like that your delivery of the assessment in the fifth lesson spans two days. I feel that far to often tests are asking students to articulate too much information in too little of time. By separating the work into two days students may find organizing their study time easier (as they can spend more time studying specifically for the part of the test they believe they will struggle with most instead of the entirety of the test) and may even encourage studying in general (My evidence for this lies in the fact that after students come out of a test they often look back at notes and other resources for answers to questions they were unsure of, this action in itself can be considered studying and could unintentionally assist them in the second part of the test if you plan accordingly.).

    TCH 215 Spring 2018

    TCH 215 Spring 2018

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