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The week coming back from a long break is always the hardest. Each time we go on breaks, the students seem to have forgotten everything they've learned about the week before the break. Also, trying to reconnect and re-motivate them is that much harder. My first post is about motivation and my 11th post is still about motivation. It seems like the key to a successful school year is how to maintain that student motivation for an entire school year. 

As we are inching toward the regent exam in June, I am more concerned about delivering all the necessary content including laboratory works. Our upcoming topic is evolution and ecology. Evolution and ecology are always big on the regent exam and I want to make sure students are able to understand the materials I am presenting.  Evolution is one of my favorites branches of biology and I feel like I will be able to deliver the content with ease. However, the main concern I have is the topic itself. I am aware that I am teaching to one of the most culturally and religiously diverse populations of students in the country. The topic might be offensive to some students. Finding a way to get the content across and keeping them interested in the topic will be my main focus for the next two weeks.

If anyone has any suggestion please share! Thank you

    • Usama Tahir
      Usama Tahir

      Dealing with the same issue, student lagging behind course work and not being motivated enough to submit work but I appreciate your efforts.

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