In the classroom communication styles are very important, as educators our main goal is to educate out students and how we do this matters. Although, as educators we can encounter many problems with this and this can be because of vocabulary terms, that are difficult to pronounce or spell, they may be too similar that students are often confide, one I encounter was Mitosis and Meiosis. This is why classroom language register is important. In the text, register as a pattern of vocabulary, grammar and expression or communication that people associate with a social role. One familar example is baby-talk " where registering often used to speak to an infant. The classroom language register works the same in the classroom, it help indicate who the teachers and students are together. This can also vary from my classroom to classroom/period to period. I often see this between period 7 and period 8, the language I am able to use id more complex and advance (since I expect them to remember more) than in period 7. But I do believe if a few students was to visit from either class, they will have no problem identifying the language. Cazden 2001 also stated, that all students should be able to recognize comon styles when hearing it.  

How educators talk varies, it is important teachers often get to choose who gets to speak, but at times we also interupt students completion of student talk, even if they are not strayed from the topic in their reply. During my lesson, I will try to point out and make little comments, as "this is super important", "past few exam I see this on the exam", "this is on my quiz" etc. The book describe these things as marking importance or irrelevance. Signaling boundaries between activities is also important. As educators in the classroom we set time on activities and notify class on time remaining and what I like to do is a countdown as well. Also, having two activities plan in the same day is a good practice and announcing when the new activity will begin and hope this will guarantee completion. Also, I see it as a way to get some students back on task, because students often get off task in long assignment and distracted at time with the person they are working with. 

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