Week 9 Breadcrumbs

After reading Chapter 9 I found it to be extremely helpful in providing various tools for "facilitating complex thinking."

Critical thinking plays a huge part of the science classroom. Being able to discern fact from fiction and analyzing information is paramount to the scientific method. However, often overlooked is the creative thinking aspect. If we are to be teaching the next generation of science students, we must also foster their creativity to be able to imagine the next scientific breakthrough. Both critical thinking and creative thinking must be implemented hand-in-hand with each other to truly benefit our students. - I currently teach at an arts and technology high school, so the students really thrive when they are allowed to be creative and add their own personal touch to their work. For example, I had the students create a comic strip in which they depict the body's immune response. The students' work, motivation and dedication were leagues beyond what they usually output. I believe I am on to something here.

Problem solving itself is not a strong suit of my students and I am guilty of not really pushing my students to do so. Although I ask a lot of why questions to have my students elaborate on their thinking, it has been awhile since I have engaged my students with problem solving techniques. I will certainly be pushing that type thinking more so with the Regents approaching and I am hoping it is not too late for them to develop those skills.

While looking at the Teacher-Directed Instruction vs Student-Centered Models of learning I kept finding myself relating my teaching style more so with the Teacher-Directed Instruction rather than the Student Centered Models. Although I attempt to incorporate Student Centered Models such as inquiry based learning, I find that the students can be resistant towards participating in those lessons. Therefore, I lean more towards the Teacher Directed style. However, I do make sure to have the students probe for answers from me during lectures rather than give it right away. I hope next year I will be able to really set different expectations and get the students on the right path. 


ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

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