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This week has been a quiet week due to state testing. I had the privilege of proctoring the exams. It was definitely an experience to see the difference with how students are during this time. Although many students no longer are forced to take the exam and have the option to opt out. The state exam provides an idea of how the students are progressing as measures against expected outcomes for each grade level. As for teachers and the school, it provides feedback in order to improve instructional practices for all children.

   A concern of mine is that my 8th grade students will be taking the Science state exam. Over the last few weeks I have realized that may of my students do not even know basic conversions. In researching for the state exam, it covers what they have learned from grade 5 to the present. My challenge over the next week is trying to figure out what they have learned over the last few years and what they have not and getting them prepared for the exam.

   I have learned that some schools use the exams as a way to rate teachers. I believe that this is unfair due to I teach what I am assigned for the year. Who is responsible for what has been taught all the other years? Will this affect me? As you know I am a first year teacher and this is the first time I will be administering a state exam to my students. I fear that my students will do poorly in the areas from prior years. With this said I am doing my best to pull old exams to get an idea of what will be on the test so I can back track and cover prior areas as much as I can. I would appreciate any advice that will help me get through this exam giving my students a chance to do well.

    • Tamdeka Hughes-Carroll
      Tamdeka Hughes-Carroll

      You are absolutely right Billy. I have heard that teachers are rated on how successful their students are on the exams. It's totally unfair. But what I have been doing since early on in the school year is giving students previous exam questions for homework and/or for the Do Now. I do not inform students where the questions originated. The trick is to get them familiar with the subject material, so when they see it on the upcoming exams they will know how to answer correctly. 

      • Vasilios Gavrielatos
        Vasilios Gavrielatos

        Thank you, I never thought about doing it as a Do Now. I will start doing that right away. In the start of the year I did print out a copy of last years exam and gave that to them to get an idea of what they knew. I was lucky if they got anywhere from 3 to 10 right.

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