mBot week 4 - Dealers Choice Challenge

For my Dealers Choice Challenge, I chose to do another dance because I really enjoyed creating a dance last week to Perfect by Ed Sheeran. In order to switch it up, I chose a fast-paced song as opposed to a slow song. The song I chose was "The Chicken Dance" which is a fun song to dance to and program a robot to!

While creating a dance to the song, I added in a sequence of LED lights in order to practice using them. I haven't used them that much so I wanted to incorporate them into this challenge! I had to experiment a lot with trial and error in order to get the timing right with the changing of the colors of the lights in the beginning of the song, but in the end it came out perfect! I practiced using repeat blocks with this challenge in order to shorten my code. Since this song constantly repeats verses, the repeat block came in handy! Instead of having the mBot go in a regular circle at the end of the code, I had it go in a figure 8 (or at least attempted to!) I really enjoyed creating this dance; it was interesting to program the mBot to do a dance both to a slower long and a faster song. 

After experimenting with the mBot for the last four weeks, I think it would be a great robot to use in a middle school tech class and will advocate for the school I start working in to use it. It is fairly easy to learn and program and there are so many cool things you can do with it! I especially love programming the mBot to do dances, it has been really fun for me! A really cool project would be for students to create their own dances with the mBot and then for the students to showcase their hard work at a tech night where students' families can come in and watch. 


    • Sachin Rochlani
      Sachin Rochlani

      Maria, you did a great job with this! I like how you included the LED lights into your dance. Your timing was perfect.

      • Gerald Ardito
        Gerald Ardito


        You did a great job with this.

        The next challenge would have been to figure out how to do this dance with the least amount of code (HINT: create your own block).

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