Week 3 with the mBot The Dance Off Challenge

After watching many different types of dances with the mBot I decided to ask what Botty McBotface (thank you 5th graders) wanted to dance to.. Mr. McBotface said that he had no to shift side to side like in many of the videos we watched but there was one dance that he was interested in. Oddly enough square dancing was the chosen winner, odd because it doesn't seem to really involve dancing in a square! Anyway....here's what we came up with, he's not perfect, but remember he's a beginner! 

Safety first, so the ultrasonic sensor was used to stop from running into things and the line follower sensor was meant to keep him on the table. (Note: The "and" should have been an "or", changed that when making the video)

Code used:




Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

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