Dance Off Challenge

For my dance challenge I decided to use the song "Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun." I decided on this song because my Kindergarten students practice singing this song every day in Music class, and I thought that it would be fun to try and have my robot programmed to dance along with them as they sang. Throughout my project I definitely had some difficulty in the beginning trying to get my mbot to move in a square. When I first programmed it, it moved quickly in a circle motion, which was not what I wanted, but ended up being very helpful for me later on in my project when I had my mbot do that. This process was a lot of trial and error trying to get my mbot to move with the music. But in the end I was satisified and proud of my accomplishments. My dog even wanted to watch! I had difficulty with the uploading portion because my computer kept telling me that it was too large of a file to upload. Overall, I enjoyed the challenge of getting my mbot to dance to a song, and I am excited to see how my students react to the mbot dancing with them as they sing "Oh Mr. Sun, Sun" in music on Tuesday! Riley's Robotics Dance Challenge

    • Maria Minafra
      Maria Minafra

      Great song choice Riley! I like how you connected it to what your students are doing in school. They will definitely enjoy seeing the robot dance to the song! 

      • Gerald Ardito
        Gerald Ardito

        Very nice indeed.

        And I love seeing how your dog was not quite sure what was happening.

        One thing about your code. The next step would have been to see how to repeat the patterns (hint: make your own blocks).

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