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This week was very tough and that is because I expect so much from my students and I want to motivate them and build their self-esteem and most of them are still so negative. This week I decides to do more worksheet questions, where there are to try to figure out the answers first, ask a peer (only one), get a textbook and then ask one the teachers in the room, if they are still unable to find it. What I have been noticing is that my students do not want to think and read, even when I give them the page number. They prefer to ask the teachers, which often result in them getting the answer and I been trying to tell my co teacher that, because they are not retaining anything. Therefore, when the regents come they cannot do the problem and in textbook they want to ask so many questions, which is more like getting the answer. One students even had the courage to take their phone out, google the question and then still call me to ask me on her phone, if this is the right answer (I couldn't believe with). I wish my school had stricter cell phone policy across all classes sigh. One student took the in class lab on Wednesday and I was looking at her, she came on late, sat down and then started saying I need help, I NEED HELP, I NEED HELP...I asked how can you need help when you haven't even read the question. Sometimes this job makes me feel, like the teacher and the student  all at the same time, because you are doing the work for both position. I need to know how can it get easier, what strategies I should use more, because when my instructions are: read and answer the follow up questions, they will ask is all the answers in here? Can I use my phone? I just don't know what else to do, after saying PowerPoints, notes and textbook can be use and they just want to get on their phones. HELP!


    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      I am sorry that you are experiencing so much frustration, but you have really captured something critically important here.

      If the focus of the work is to come up with THE answer, you will see behavior exactly like this.

      I am wondering if instead if you had the groups think together about the concepts, perhaps posing a problem that was less like a test question. For example, you could ask them to think through how feedback systems work together. They could make a diagram, be able to explain the key concepts, and come up with, say, three real examples.Then, you could ask the individual students to try a couple of related Regents questions.

      How does that sound to you?

      • Rachel Richards
        Rachel Richards

        This sounds really awesome, I am currently planning next week and I am going to try this. Thank you!

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