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    • Robert Goldberg
      Robert Goldberg

      I like how detailed the chart is, in particular the note on what you shall teach during week one of the unit. I'm not sure if week three has to much content in it. Performance task two seems interesting though 3-5 pages for the first task might be to much for the kids I'm not sure.

      • Jaclyn Dellisanti
        Jaclyn Dellisanti

        Hi Olivia,

        Good overall job! When I read you big ideas, I am not entirely sure what "voices begin to be heard" means. I don't know if you want to try and refrase that or just add little more to clarify. I like you poster task. However, you may want to consider adding classwork or tasks withing or after each unit. If you do it after, you may not know that the students are confident in all the material presented to them. Good break down of the weeks!

        • Taylor Bolger
          Taylor Bolger

          Hey Olivia, so there were a few things I thought you did really well and some places I saw that could use some improvement as follows:

          The Good Stuff:

          -Your essential questions for the course and unit give off that "wow" feeling that Ardito brought up before. I feel as though they would resonate really well with the students and would really get the students thinking about their relevance to the lessons in the unit.


          Places To Improve:

          - In your "Big Ideas for the Unit" section I thought the second big Idea was somewhat vague without additional context. I assume it's referencing a prior lesson in which people's voices weren't being heard but, this I'm still not entirely certain if that's what you're trying to communicate.

          -I thought having an entire week dedicated to assessment sounded like a bit too much time. I only say this because the paper is probably something you can assign at the beginning of the unit and the students can do that over the course of the rest of the unit so can the protest poster.Maybe cut that down to half a week at most which the assignments themselves can be due?

          -I feel like the rubric for the paper should be a bit more detailed for each percentage section. Like what are things that students should avoid not just what they should do.

          • Jamie Soldinger
            Jamie Soldinger

            I really like the use of the chart.  I think it is a good organization tool to see everything laid out like that.  I also like how you split up the unit into weeks, it makes it feel like mini units inside of the whole unit.  I really like your idea for the second performance task.  I think it is creative and interesting.  I also think the kids will really enjoy it because it is something different.  I think it would be beneficial if you laid out what you were going to do each week.  I know that you have an overall idea big idea, but it might be easier to lay everything out and pick out what specific points you want to cover.  I think it might also help if you listed some class work activities you would do throughout those weeks, maybe if you added a few to each mini section.  It might just lead to a clearer unit breakdown.  Overall, I really enjoyed your visual breakdown!

            • Christina Katechis
              Christina Katechis

              In your big ideas for your unit, maybe  you can consider rewording the voices begin to be heard. I think I understand what you mean, but I feel it doesn't blend smoothly with the other big ideas. 

              -Your essential questions for the unit were very nice and clear.

              -Maybe an assessment at the end of each week can be more effective for you and the students. A week full of assessments might be overwhelming for students, and more comforting when split as one assessment per week. And students will have time to focus on specific content each time and build from there for the final assessment you can give that includes all 3 assessments given prior.

              -1st Performance Task-> I suggest you require a minimum number of factors. I respect that you ask for the students opinion for the paper, it shows that their thoughts matter.

              -2nd Performance Task -> Sounds like fun! I think that if a student wants to work with a partner, more complex work should be expected from the two. 

              Your essential questions were meaningful and your unit plan was organized (split into 3 weeks) and the performance tasks that follow were appropriate for your unit! Good work!

              • Duffy Brennan
                Duffy Brennan

                I think that you did a great job with this. I like the fact that your performance tasks include two options that show a great variety in the way the students can express themselves. Maybe for the revision one more option for the students would be good.

                • Nicholas Neuner
                  Nicholas Neuner


                  I have very little feedback, this is extremely coherent and I would feel comfortable as a student in executing your task. My only suggestion is to explain if the task are both required of it is either or. Well done, I think you have a solid UPD.

                  • Courtney Pabst
                    Courtney Pabst


                    Like I mentioned about Duffy's Unit Plan, I really enjoyed how you separated your lessons by weeks instead of by each day. This gives you the opportunity to adjust to how well your kids understand each lesson, and gives you some "wiggle room" to work with. I really liked the idea of having your students created an ad/poster as one of their performance tasks. This gives them the opportunity to be creative, and with history I feel like a lot of the times students don't have much of a chance to do that, so I think it is a great addition. My only bit of advice would be to go into more detail on what you expect of the performance tasks. Overall though, I think you did a great job with your first unit plan!

                    • Brianna Iliceto
                      Brianna Iliceto


                      I really like how you organized this with the graphics! 

                      Nice work with creating a timeline, it really gives us the gist of how the month will be organized. A monthly layout also gives students time to study different sections of the unit at their own pace before they are assessed on the fourth week. 

                      Nice tasks as well, I like how you broke them up and explained what they each were as well as added a rubric. 

                      I would just go into a little more depth with what exactly needs to be learned by your students and what needs to be understood and also explain if they will be assessed and what you will do to make sure your students stay on track. Other than that, really nice work! 

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