• Brianna Iliceto
      Brianna Iliceto

      Hi Nick, 

      I think you have done well with this "first draft" of a unit plan! I really liked how you used real time board and how you made everything easy to follow. I liked how you organized the final assignment into two separate parts and explained what is required for both parts. 

      For your personal narrative essential questions, I really liked the last two! 

      I would just look over your spelling and word organization.

      I think you should add something concerning how you know that they understand what you are teaching them and what exactly should they be getting out of your lessons. Also what exactly are the first two boxes of big ideas and essential questions for? Are they both for the course as a whole or for a specific unit? 

      • Jaclyn Dellisanti
        Jaclyn Dellisanti

        Hi Nick,

        Your first draft seems pretty solid overall. I thought the little side note of the performance tasks. It is smart to have them submit a "first draft" or pre-writing sample. This helps to keep the students on task and helps them complete the work on time. However, it says you have three writing tasks. I only see requirements for two,not idea generator, so you could make that a little clearer. Also, The second box of big ideas seems more like standards or a layout of the work for the class rather than big ideas. Your other detail is very specific and provides good understanding.


        • Robert Goldberg
          Robert Goldberg

          Holla Nick,

          I liked how you used the chart was a neat as it allowed the flow of the unit to be perceived more easily with one exception. That said regarding the tasks for the thematic essay I would suggest changing the 4th to one that could include APA and other methods of citations as well. Since some people will want to become teachers or go into medicine, having the option for them to practice using such formats instead of MLA could be useful. I also like the pre essay writing you have in mind in as well as how you decided to grade it. I also agree with what Jaclyn mentioned in her review on your big idea boxes. I was a bit unclear on your use of three big idea boxes. Overall nice work and once again I'm glad you used the chart, reviewing work done in the same format gets a bit tedious!

          • Olivia Difusco
            Olivia Difusco

            Hi Nick,

              You clearly put in effort into your Unit Plan which is nice to see. However, I think I am a little confused as to why there's big ideas and questions for each assignment as well. I wonder if you would be showing the plan to your imaginary "class" as it is or if it is just mapped out the way it is for your own understanding. I do like how you have an idea generator as one of the tasks. 

            • Jamie Soldinger
              Jamie Soldinger

              Hi Nick!

              I really enjoyed your first draft.  I think it shows that you have a clear plan put in place and all mapped out.  I find it super interesting that you also created big ideas and essential questions for both the final essay and the personal narrative.  I also really like how you include the idea generation in as part of a pre-writing exercise.  I think it might be easier to lay out the assessment requirements as more of a checklist instead of questions.  Questions could work but I think a checklist might be easier to see if the student has met all requirements.  Overall, I think you did a great job and have a very solid foundation moving on in Unit planning.

              • Gerald Ardito
                Gerald Ardito


                This is really well done.


                • Duffy Brennan
                  Duffy Brennan

                  Nick this chart is really really good. The fact that you made it in the flow chart makes it a lot easier to follow and I think the requirements for the essays are very well thought out, I would add maybe some sort of short task more often to see if they're understanding the content.

                  • Taylor Bolger
                    Taylor Bolger

                    Hi Nick

                    I didn't get a chance to look at your first draft before you created your second draft so I went ahead and looked only at the second. I don't have any content critiques but I would go back and read through as there are numerous spelling errors throughout the unit plan and correcting them would be in both yours and the student's best interests.

                    • Courtney Pabst
                      Courtney Pabst


                      I wasn't able to see your unit plan the first time around, but now that I got to actually view it, I think you did a fantastic job on it. The organization is really well done and I especially enjoyed how you split the entire unit into quarters, to ensure that your students learn everything it is that you want them to know. I also think it is great that you took the time to explain what it is you are looking for in each of the essays that you will assign. Overall, I think you did a very nice job on your unit plan.

                      • Christina Katechis
                        Christina Katechis

                        I find it interesting that you cut the unit into 4 themes... that refreshes the class four times throughout the year. These themes prepare students to write their personal narrative. I am really impressed by the way you organized your unit. I see a few spelling errors, but that is really all I can pick out for improvement. Students will learn a lot about themselves from that unit. Nice work, Nick.

                        • Gerald Ardito
                          Gerald Ardito


                          You did a very solid job with this.

                          I especially liked how you tried to orchestrate a number of performance tasks that sought to engage your students in deep and meaningful learning.

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