Week 7- Breadcrumbs

While reading chapter 5, I realized how little I actually know about special education requirements and resources. I was taught the different classifications of a disabilities, but I did not have the opportunity to see them in action. When in summer training, there were a few instances when we talked about IEPs and special education services, but I never really understood how they work in a real classroom. At the moment, I only have general education classes with 4 special education kids total. As a new teacher, I was never told which students have IEPs, or trained on how to navigate SEISS and an IEP in order to ensure that my students are getting the proper support. I must push to be aware of and involved in the procedures.


In one of my 9th grade cohorts, there are 4 students that get taken out during science and history class for small group sessions. So they travel and interact with the same class everyday, except for science and history. I often see them roaming the halls and trying to see their friends in my class. I do not know their IEP requirements or academic performance, but perhaps these students feel the need to cut class since they are not in their least restrictive environment. Instead of these students being isolated in these subjects, maybe it will be more helpful to employ co-teaching or have small group session only once or twice a week.  


Overall I do not have many experiences with students with disabilities. My students that do have IEPs have learning disabilities and are entitled to counseling services. I usually provide students with sentences starters, graphic organizers, and small more manageable questions in order to answer the assignments as a whole. These strategies provide my students with structure in order to get started on the assignment, but they do not help maintain their work and focus throughout the period. Next week I will explore student motivation. I am looking forward to learning strategies that will keep my all of students engaged and motivated to learn and complete the work throughout our classes.

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      I have heard teachers say that meeting the needs of diverse learners is among the most challenging skills to master. I would agree.

      You are clearly engaged with this topic. I look forward to seeing how your thinking evolves as you deal with student motivation.

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