Performance Task- Christina K. & Courtney P.

Performance Task:

1) Assign students to choose two atoms of their choice in the Periodic Table and compare them.

Requirements: Must determine whether the atoms are metal/non-metal, the melting and boiling point, when the atoms were discovered, where they are found and what their density is.

Criteria: The student clearly compares two atoms, showing Periodic Table competence.


Performance Task:

2) Assign students to draw and label a plant and animal cell.

Requirements: Must draw the cells accurately (in detail), label all organelles of the cells accurately, and must explain how the cells function and differ from each other.

Criteria: The cells are drawn accurately, labeled correctly, the function of each cell is explained and differed.


Performance Task:

3) Have students write a creative short story that proves a process of photosynthesis.

Requirements: Must properly describe the process of photosynthesis.

Criteria: Student shows a clear understanding of the process of photosynthesis.

TCH 215 Spring 2018

TCH 215 Spring 2018

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