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I spent this Monday reading "goals that contribute to achievement" chapter 6: motivation. I want to play my lessons around the student, being more student-centered. I think that sometimes I care more about their grades than they do. We all have the 3 types of students mentioned in the reading, "Mastery goal, Performance goal, and Failure avoiding-goal." I would like to add an outlier goal to this list and I want to call it "I do not care a damn thing about anything goal".

I am somewhat frustrated with this one (maybe 3 or 4) student that just do not get it. I worked tirelessly on coming up with lessons that are of relevance to real-world experience and they would rather sleep and not any anything in class. I find it extremely difficult to find their "motivation". I pulled this one student named Jonathan out of the class last Friday and straight up asked him, "what do you want to do in life?" He just shrugged and laughed. 

Time is flying by at a scary pace and I feel like spending time on those students that have completely fallen off the wagon is a waste of my time. I should spend more energy on students who are in the "Failure avoiding goal category" and scaffold them toward their targeted destination.

I feel like this is more of a rant so.... /Rant off




    • Thomas Tirelli
      Thomas Tirelli

      Hey Xin,

      This entry inspired me to read the Motivation Chapter next week! I understand your frustration about working harder than your students. I constantly feel like I am carrying their weight in the classroom. Unfortunately I have no clue how to answer the riddle of making the school work seem important to them, but I guess if we knew how to accomplish this we would not have to struggle. Hopefully through our tireless work we will start to figure out some answers.



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