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This week was a bit difficult due to attendance due to the storm, but it also allowed me to try to combine chapters 4, which discussed the students diversity and background, with chapter 9, that professor Ardito directed me to. This week I had the purpose of the lesson on the Do Now slide of my powerpoint and started to ask questions back to that purpose. I tried my best over the course of the week to include the student's interests and backgrounds with the question. We just finished a lesson on gases and properties of phases and a lot of my students have been playing a game called "Fortnite", which from my conversations with them is a giant free-for-all arena. I looked into a couple of youtube videos about it and created a couple of lessons based around that game. The game features a storm type of situation, some zombies and some weapons.Though I didn't include the weapon portion of the game, I used the environment, storms, and zombies to my advantage. The attentiveness I received in this class was a huge improvement from the previous weeks. 

This also allowed me to bounce more questions and allow the discussion to not be just a question from me as the teacher and an answer from the student, but as a group conversation, with students almost shouting out to correct one another. The assessments that I did at the end showed that the class was grasping the concepts better, but was struggling to take the examples I used in class and turn in back into the scientific concepts. From my conversation with Tom about his attempt to re-engage his students and have them invested in the class and material, I feel like I have grasped their attention, but not so much allowing them to create the connections that would allow them to speak in scientific language and using the vocabulary instead of "Fortnite" terms and strategies. I think I have taken a step in the right direction and will use this in conjunction with the classroom management assignment Prof. Bullis has us completing to try and get all the students, even the most difficult students involved. 


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ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

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