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As I come to my 30 day completion of goals, I will continue to post breadcrumbs due to the goals will never seem to be reached as far as every day experiences. The goals have been reached as far as the understanding portion but every day I will continue to learn and grow with each goal.


As I have come to the understanding and importance of classroom management, keeping students engaged and motivated I still have my challenges ahead. One of the biggest challenges I am facing is student behavior. One of the things as a first year teacher I have been advised to do is for students to have discussions with each other. As it is I struggle with keeping them focused and not talking in general, I am supposed to allow them to talk about what is being worked on but when I do they do not stay on topic and begin fooling around. Having a classroom of 30 middle school students is a challenge.


I am looking for some advice on how to get students to discuss class topics with each other with out them going off on their own. Keep in mind there are no disciplinary actions taken against students that the school allows that are effective and teachers are restricted.


When students misbehave there are no disciplinary actions really taken. Student’s that misbehave are pulled from the room and return the next day as if nothing ever happened. This allows students to think their behavior is ok.

Students are allowed cell phones. In the classroom teachers will tell them they are not allowed to use them but of course they do. When addressed students show no care and if tried to take the phone away it causes a bigger disruption. So the school allows them to have their phones to avoid confrontation.


I have come to feel that teacher’s being restricted and the school not enforcing rules is allowing students to do as they wish. There are students that never turn in homework or in class assignments and there is nothing I can do but call the parents. With this I have come to question if parents even address issues with their children. Not that all parents are like this. I have some parents that are very effective with their children then there are some I either don’t hear back from or show no concern.


I have given myself a new goal. My new goal is to get through to the students that lack attention and misbehave. These students do not just misbehave or lack interest just in my class but other classes as well. If I can make a difference to at least one student, I will feel that I can make a difference in their lives.

ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

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