Week 5 Bread crumbs

Adacia Teemal

Week 5 Breadcrumbs   2/19-2/25 (Mid-Winter Recess)

 During the break I thought about ways to turn a new leaf with my students. I had already discussed different modes of teaching with my mentor. Our goal when we get back to school will be Classroom Management. One of the biggest obstacles that consumes a lot of instruction time for me is splitting my students in groups to work collaboratively. Usually I type up a sheet separating my students from their usual partners. However, they always complain about working with different people. This typically leads to a back and forth between me and them .My mentor gave me a great idea. She suggested that I group them heterogeneously. Therefore, each group would have a different level learn.


Typically two high performers, one average students and one struggling student. Each student will be assigned a post it. She also told be to give the students a sense of responsibility. Hence, I will be giving them different colored index card. Blue will represent my high level thinks, yellow my average and pink my struggling students. However the beauty of it is that they do not know what these post its represent. I also plan to go over our classroom rules next week .I want my kids to feel a sense of responsibility in the classroom so I will be grading them on a daily basis. The Do Now problem will be worth 20 points, classwork will be 40 points and following class rules will be worth 40 points. I will also select two weekly monitors to help me distribute classroom materials. That will allow me to be more efficient with my time. I also deal with a lot of irrelevant questions from my students that do not relate to the topic. So every day I will be putting up a parking lot so that they can post their questions on the parking lot. Those are the changes I will be implementing after this recess. I hope that I see some improvements with my classroom management after these changes.









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