Week 6- Breadcrumbs

This week I explored student diversity in chapter 4. This chapter forced me to reflect on my bias regarding gender, ability, and culture. Like all teachers, I think that I have the best intentions for my students, but they may be skewed by my tendencies and unintentional biases. Once I am aware of how I approach my diverse group of students in particular ways, I can work toward making a more equitable and inclusive classroom. On Friday, I took more notice in which students freely participate in discussions and who I actually call on. Despite the fact that my classes are heavily female (about 3 females:1 male), only in 1 of my 4 classes more females spoke out in discussion than males. I did not realize how skewed participation is so I must strive to make my class a place where everyone feels comfortable and confident to participate.

I especially like how chapter 4 talked about gifted and talented students. I feel like I put all of my focus on providing scaffolds for struggling children, and neglect the students that are academically exceptional. I struggle with how to give help to those that need it while also keeping the advanced students engaged. I have about 3 kids in each class that perform well above grade level. They often finish the work ahead of time with ease, but then I have a hard time keeping them  interested. I ask them to help other group members and classmates, but it is difficult for them to help others without just giving them the answers. I also have a folder of practice regents questions for students who finish early. It is good practice for the test, but I do not think it is very stimulating or interesting to them. This practice folder may also slow down students since finishing early results in more work. I will continue to explore new ways to keep all of my students feeling engaged, accomplished, and ambitious.

ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

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