Week 6: Breadcrumbs

This week I read Chapter 4 Student Diversity and made connections to my own classroom.

Right off the bat I was curious to learn about the cognitive styles (e.g. field dependence, field interdependence, impulsivity and reflectivity). I wondered how these styles could be combined with the three major learning modalities, visual, auditory and kinesthetic. In order to do so, I set up stations relating to the immune system with each delivering the content through one of the three modalities. I then split up the class into groups of four and tried to include one, "talker" and "shy person" per group. I then observed to see how the students reacted during the activities. - I received mixed results since I tried to focus on the entire class rather than a smaller sample. Thankfully I am a first year teacher, so I will have years to try this again.

Regarding my gifted students...I realized I have been doing a great disservice to them. I rarely provide enrichment and I have not tried since I am so focused on providing instruction to everyone else. I look forward to reading more about how to enrich my students by reading chapters 9 and 10.

I also noticed that I definitely fall into the camp of paying more attention to the males in my classroom than females, although that varies from period to period. The males in my class are definitely more verbal, prone to rough housing and slip of the tongue. I have been a bit more conscious of making sure to spread my attention around equally, but as with everything as a first year teacher, it is a work-in-progress. However, I disagree slightly with the chart regarding the praise and criticism for both genders. I personally praise all students for good behavior and correct knowledge and criticize misbehaviors for either gender.  

I found the section regarding Bilingualism and the Cultural aspects it brings to the classroom interesting and informative. It definitely provided knowledge that I did not have prior. I was more empathetic and understanding towards my ELL students and made sure I continued to make sure they are supported.

Overall, I continue to enjoy this journey and I look forward to reading next week's chapter to further support my students.

    • Adacia Teemal
      Adacia Teemal

      I like your approach to reaching students from diverse backgrounds. I also struggle to reach my ELLs in my Forensic Science class. Rather than just translating their work for them to try and comprehend. I will also try station teaching or group them with other ELL students so that they are not shy. Like you I also find myself focusing more on my female students rather than my male students. The females are usually more well behaved in my classroom so I tend to give them my attention. However the boys in my class are not all bad so I will try to equalize my attention. It seems that your a doing a great job bringing equity into your classroom.Thank you for the ideas :).

      Adacia Teemal

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