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The cases I created for problems of the immune system went well. The students were engaged and seem to enjoy the activity. This activity allows me to assess the students in a fun way.

Monday: I spent a couple hours outside of school time and lesson plan for the upcoming units earlier this week. 

I started the reproduction unit this week and introduced asexual reproduction and mitosis. I had the reading for different types of asexual reproduction and then used the case scenarios again. The cases from the immunity unit worked well so I decided to give them the same assessment. 

Reflection: The topic itself was "hot" enough for most of the students. I really didn't need any extra activity for them... Nonetheless, the lesson went well and it was fun. I think the last few weeks has worked out beautifully. The extra hours I have dedicated outside of school time have definitely paid off. The activities and engagement I have created are resulting in just that.

Next topics to cover: next week: sexual reproduction and week after would be genetics

    • Rachel Richards
      Rachel Richards

      Yes, I am currently in Reproduction and we don't need extra activity smiles, it is one topic they are very engaged in. It is also easy to fall off task and behind with the class, so be careful because they have all the relevant and irrelevant questions as well. Please share some of your activities. 

      Thanks Rach!

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