This week I focused on chapter 2 learning theories. One thing that really stuck out to me was Lave & Wenger social anthropology theory of communities practice. This theory focuses on groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do It better as they interact regularly. Knowing that our students interact regularly makes me wonder of the possibilities of developing a school culture of students who are passionate about success, achievements, attaining goals, and overall accomplishing things that have never been done before. Teaching to a population of majority minority i'm sure that It is an advantageous thought however, not impossible. 

I begin to wonder how other teachers would benefit from being made away of such theories and for allotment of time to brainstorm ways to build school culture. With school shootings becoming a new norm, I'm understanding the benefits of building school culture. Allowing our students to participate in team building activities with staff and peers can be an ice-breaker for the sometimes harsh life that public school can be. Our students are often more than willing to do what they're teachers are passionate about and consistently enforcing. This theory was profound for me to stumble upon especially in the current condition of our schools cultures. My hope is that we can, in our own ways, help build healthy cultures in our school systems.

ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

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