Understanding By Design ft BIEQ

BIG Ideas:

  • There are many mathematical concepts and processes to solve equation
  • Strategy involves thinking and breaking the calculation into separate, equivalent, and coherent ways
  • Listening to students, recognizing common areas of confusion are essential for mathematics

Essential Q's:

  • How should we represent information so that it is most helpful and understandable for others?
  • How applicable are math skills in the real world?
  • How do we translate mathematics into English?
    • Olivia Difusco
      Olivia Difusco

      Hi Bianca,

      I like how your essential questions that you listed are very much student focused. I think students would be delighted in learning about how "applicable" the math skills their learn are in the real word. Also, translating mathematics into English is a cool way of saying that math is confusing. I believe sometimes math is so confusing that it sounds foreign to me. So, to put mathematics into easy to understand, english language, it'd probably be very beneficial. 

      • Gerald Ardito
        Gerald Ardito


        These are really well done.

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