Big Ideas and Essential Questions



What is most important?


Big Ideas-Enduring Understandings

1) History is based on facts but also on stories told from one person or groups perspective.

2) Events that happened in the past influenced the present and shaped the world we live in.

3) Do not follow society. Do what you think is right.


Essential Questions

1) What are the various perspectives that can be found in WWI?

2) How do peace treaties often lead to future conflict?

3) How do you help a cause you believe is just within the confines of the law?


    • Taylor Bolger
      Taylor Bolger

      I find it interesting that your third big idea says to do what one thinks is right yet your second essential question asks how peace treaties can lead to future conflicts. Seeing as I can only assume that there are those who make both war and peace while doing what they think is right for either themselves, their nation, or the world itself. I think it's possible to do the wrong thing or make bad choices by doing either of the options given in the third big idea. Thoughts?

      • Gerald Ardito
        Gerald Ardito


        Excellent question/feedback.

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