Big Ideas and Essential Questions

I feel that it is important to come up with some big ideas and then stem from those, essential questions. 

Big Ideas: 

  1. The basis of what keeps us alive. 
  2. The reproduction system and how it works.
  3. The water cycle and why that is important. 

Essential Questions: 

  1. How are we alive? 
  2. How have we evolved physically and culturally? 
  3. How is DNA replicated? 
    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      This is a good start. I would say that your Big Ideas need some refinement. Right now, they are suggesting content areas, but are not yet fully baked Big Ideas.

      For example, when you talked to us about Makeup, I walked away with a couple of Big Ideas:

      1. Makeup is a kind of self-expression.

      2.Makeup can be considered an art form.

      Why don't you take another shot at these to have them be more fundamental.

      • Brianna Iliceto
        Brianna Iliceto

        Big Ideas: 

        1. Biology is the study of life. 

        2. Biology covers the relationships between humans, animals and the environment (nature).

        3. We are alive because we are breathing (respiratory system), reproducing (reproductive system) and because our cells are constantly reproducing and running our bodies. 

        Essential Questions:

        1. How and why are we considered "living?" 

        2. How have we evolved physically, culturally and environmentally? 

        3. How is DNA replicated in the reproductive system so that offspring look similar to their parents? 

        • Gerald Ardito
          Gerald Ardito


          You have done a really good job with these revisions.

          Let's talk about both #3 items in class this morning.

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