Etoys Hello World Exercise

Haven't had much time to play around with Etoys, but I decided to say Hello World! and make it tick in an endless colorful loop. I saw a lot of examples on tutorial sites and just followed the directions to execute this quick little script. I think Etoys is a great tool to get kids started with programming and understanding the concepts behind computing. It's really amazing that you can essentially create any drawing you want and animate it. You can even go as far as designing an animated book and tell a story. Now that I'm back online ( I had some internet issues for those unaware) I'm going to continue to get a feel for the scripts in Etoy. They're pretty easy to follow and execute which makes it a great tool for teaching. 

You can download my project via a shared dropbox link and open it with etoys



Computer Science for Teachers

Computer Science for Teachers

This group is to support the Spring 2016 section of EDU 696M Computer Science for Teachers.

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