Week 4- Breadcrumbs

I was reading Chapter 7 "Why classroom management matters" and related to what was mentioned. It said that classroom management is more about correcting student misbehaviors rather than discipline. It aslso mentioned creating a positive learning environment, which to me is crucial to establish if any productive teaching/learning has to occur in a classroom. This week, another student of mine got suspension due to an inappropriate comment on worksheet assigned in google classroom. My policy being that student work is not graded if it is missing peer evaluation, and when the work as policy was not graded; it resulted in an angry outburst from the student. I have been involved with the dean and parent-teacher coordinator but I believe it is time to mediate one-one-one with student in presence of guidance counselor to settle any misunderstandings and get to know the perspectives of the student/s as well. The workload gets to all of us, and with adolescents' it is expressed in form of misbehavior or outburst because they might not be aware of any other way to reach to the teacher about their grievances, problems and issues. In both cases of outburst, I did not further the argument/conflict but believe that as we come back from the holidays, we can settle down whatever issues are bothering students on a personal level.

    • Rachel Richards
      Rachel Richards

      I can definitely relate to what you are going through. I have to spend part of my break making class section recommendations for few students in my 7th period for a similar issue. Is best to split the boys from girls or one from each party, what section I will prefer them etc. Well Usama I do hope when we go back out, it can settle down for you. All the best!

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