Week update 2/12-2/16

This week I was very focused on scaffolding my students to take the Earth Science common assessment exam. I was also focused on getting my Forensic Science students to do more hands on work. In order to scaffold my students to take the common assessment exam, I assigned three assignments to both of my Earth Science classes . One of my class is generally more hand working than the other. I keep getting the same results whenever I assign homework. One class does all the work and take the initiative to get everything done on time. While the other class the majority of them do not attempt the work. Hence , they do not get enough exposure to the problems prior to the exam. I gave them worksheets in class as well to help them practice for the upcoming test. However, I was not able to do a lot of review for the exam because I had to keep teaching them the new topic. The week after the break I will be co-teaching with my mentor.  She is very good at making conceptual connections for the students. I am hoping to get more one on one time with my students during the upcoming lesson on Igneous rocks. Another issue in  my  fourth period class that is my lowest performing class is there are a lot of  students should be in a co -teaching classroom but they are not.This makes it very difficult for me to individually help all the students.My Forensics class is more enjoyable . I tried to lecture less and provide different modes of entry for my students. We started our unit on Forensic Psychology. The students read and annotated several case studies. We also watch video clips and play perception versus reality games. My goal after school starts back again will be to focus on motivating my students to take the initiative to do work in my Earth Science class. They are not doing putting a lot of work into studying and it is affecting their test scores. I will also assess myself to see what it is that I am doing wrong and incorporate feedback from my coach.Have a nice break everyone.

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