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After school on Monday, I dedicated 2 hours from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and locked myself in my tiny closet room. I lay there in my bed with my laptop on my lap and closed my eyes. I was in a deep meditation trying to come up with a lesson plan for Wednesday. The AIM? "How does our immune system work?". I rolled around in my bed and scratched my head over and over again. The AIM just seem so boring and hard to connect it to any of relevance to 14 year old kids. After drawing a blank for 45 minutes, I fell asleep. 

I woke up an hour later and in dire need of an awesome Do Now for Wednesday when I start the immune system. with 15 minutes to go in my "dedicated" time frame, I came up with a story for Do Now.  And it goes like this.....


"Many hero/heroine movies involves the hero/heroine saving people from some evil person. This is the job of white blood cells in our bloodstream! There are different types of heroes, there are those that weird a sword and a shield like Jedi masters from Star Wars. Then there are those heroes that uses magic to fend off bad guys, like Harry Potter!! This is the story of the white blood cells, there are different types of white blood cells!! Ones that uses physical strength to engulf enemies and there are those that uses magic spells called antibodies to mark those enemies for destruction!! Lastly, in many movies, the heroes sometimes have to give up their life to save everyone. In movies, the dead heroes are honored and remembered. Their legacies are left behind.... Well, this is very true of our immune system as well. The white blood cells that killed those enemies died too, but their legacy and memory is left behind so that our body can remember the enemies that attack us."

Reflection: The Do Now story took about 3-4 minutes. There were a few ahhhh, a few laughs, and a few kids think its corny. But I got many of them interested in the story and related the immune system to movies the kids might have heard of. I think the Do Now story worked well. Until next time!



ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

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