Teaching Reflection

After teaching my lesson on lacrosse, I learned through the feedback that I received that I still have a few things to work on. I felt as though I made the topic interesting to understand, and I felt as though most of my classmates were engaged in learning it; however, the place where I lacked positive feedback was in building a relationship with my audience. I could notice that some people were more interested in the topic than others, and I think next time I need to really focus on getting the students who might not be so interested in the topic to relate to it in a way that makes them want to be more engaged. I also think I could've structured the lesson in a better manner because at times I felt like I was slightly going off topic with different little things that have to do with lacrosse. Most of my feedback was (+) or (++), but I know theres always something that I can work on, and next time I will definitely work on building a relationship with my students through the topic that I am teaching.

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