Week 3- Breadcrumbs

In the first chapter of the text, one line refers to teaching as a privilege to help students see and exceed their potential. That is much easier said than done. Teaching a diverse population of students can be overwhelming and disheartening at times. I struggle with scaffolding and making learning accessible and interesting to all students. I often think that it would be so much easier to be a teacher if my students were all at the same reading level and loved to learn. It would definitely be easier, but it is not fair or practical to lump all of the students into one group. They are individual people with unique learning styles and personalities. It is unfair to treat them as a group when they are so clearly different.

The importance of technology in the classroom is also discussed in this chapter. Now, technology is prevalent in the classroom and students’ everyday life. Computers are more than a reference and word processor. Technology, especially the internet, can help the student be more self sufficient in their learning. It can also be a way to ease students into learning something new. Students may feel more confident and comfortable learning a new skill since it is on a platform in which they already excel. As a traveling teacher, I often shy away from the computer cart. It is a nuisance to get and once all the computers are out, I feel like it is time to collect them again. Students are excited to use the computers, but they are distracted with Roblox and Youtube. I haven't found a way to efficiently incorporate technology in the classroom. However, I finally was able to set up Google Classroom, so I am looking forward to integrating that into my teaching!

ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

ED 631 - Educational Psychology- Spring 2018

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